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About Life Force Energy

What is Life Force Energy?

Life Force is the inherent energy in nature that sustains, promotes and evolves all of life in creation. The sun, at the physical level, is the primary source of life force for all living and non-living things here on earth. It infuses all cells, molecules, and atoms and sub-constituents. What infuses the sun, and all of creation, providing its design, potency, and cycles? Intelligent Energy that cannot be created or destroyed and yet has its nature and qualities reflected in its creation. This Intelligent Energy is the Author of Life and commands by the way of Spirit.    ~ Kathryn Sweas

What is a Life Force Energy Transmission?

An Energy Transmission is potentized life force energy harnessed from nature and transmitted directly to people, animals, plants or land – even inanimate things – for the purpose of transforming, elevating, and maximizing the recipient’s full potential. It has the ability to deepen and strengthen the bond between ourselves and our Source, from which all Grace flows. Miraculously, this can include raising consciousness to new and higher levels so that perception changes as new understanding emerges. It can unfold new areas of talent and gifts that haven’t yet been recognized, and maximize health, happiness, and innate potential.                         ~ Krista Callas

A New Paradigm is Emerging! What is its Nature?

The new emerging paradigm sees consciousness, science and spirit as seamlessly interrelated and flowing as one from the limitless intelligence of the pure Source of creation. Consciousness refers to the level of our awareness.  That awareness is enhanced and heightened by a recognition of the scientific principles of the interrelatedness and indestructibility of the energy of creation, the energy from which our Life Force flows. Our spirit, fed by the foregoing, is empowered to attain an ever higher and deeper connection and fusion with the limitless intelligence and wisdom of the Source. This new paradigm, therefore, not only clarifies the path to union with the Source, it speeds up our journey to transformation. ~ Eileen Meagher

What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • Wonderful Energy! It was just what I needed! Thank you! - Nancy H.