A Steadying Influence

I have a problem with both feet and multiple tests have failed to diagnose the underlying cause or causes. Peripheral neuropathy has been ruled out as a possible diagnosis. The feet have feeling, are not numb, are in fact quite sensitive, but feel very heavy and at times feel as if they might just fall off. A result is that I am very unsteady on my feet and am prone to falling and have fallen a few times, thankfully with only minor scrapes. This condition has persisted for about 5 years and the process of deterioration is very, very slow. On the morning following the Solstice webinar transmission, I stepped out of the house for my daily walk and had a unique feeling in both feet that lasted a couple of minutes. I thought that this might be the beginning of something positive. I await to see if that unique feeling returns or there is some improvement with further transmissions.


New Strength

About 6 years ago, I was diagnosed with the auto-immune condition, Scleroderma, including interstitial lung disease. Although I receive excellent medical care, I have been researching healing in addition to traditional medicine that treats the condition but doesn’t heal. Recently I received an energy transmission during the Solstice webinar offered by Life Force International. During the transmission, I had an unexplained feeling flowing through my body and fell fast asleep after the transmission. The next day I felt a new strength working in me. I have hope that my body is beginning to heal and rebuild itself and I will continue to receive energy transmissions. I bet my next medical evaluation in October will pleasantly surprise my doctors


Ease of Presentation

I was scheduled to give a presentation at work the day after the Candlelight Transmission and I felt so calm and so in tune with what I had to say. I felt really comfortable – did not hesitate or have trouble finding my words at any time…. So thank you again for your Energy Transmissions!


Unstoppable Energy

So grateful for this extraordinarily fortunate opportunity! I’m feeling wonderful equinimity, happiness, and unstoppable energy, with restful sleep and less sleep necessary.


Powerful Energy!

What a powerful Energy Transmission! I felt the strength and the energy entering into my crown chakra during the second part of the Transmission.


Just What I Needed

Wonderful Energy! It was just what I needed! Thank you!


Inspired at Work

The Energy was a powerful physical experience as it moved through me. Feeling inspired the next day I created a new product and my boss informed me it was the best I’d ever made.



This Energy is moving me closer to true happiness! It is simply priceless!